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Expertly manage your membership and streamline operations with PoolMMS

PoolMMS expertly manages the membership of thousands of members across swim clubs of all sizes, from small to large

Our Features

What we can do for you

Membership Management

PoolMMS expertly manages all aspects of swim club membership, from registration to billing.

Attendance Tracking

PoolMMS makes attendance tracking easy for both members and guests, streamlining your pool operations.

Apple Wallet Integration

PoolMMS integrates seamlessly with Apple Wallet, allowing you to easily
manage membership passes and streamline access to your pool.

Customizable Reporting

PoolMMS can export a variety of reports that can be tailored to your specific needs, helping you make informed decisions
about your pool operations.

Band Testing

PoolMMS keeps track of band test results for both members and
non-members, making it easy to manage skill levels and group members.

Seamless Integration

PoolMMS integrates with a powerful CRM and processes payments using
Stripe, simplifying membership management and enabling you to easily
communicate with members, track billing, and streamline operations.


Handle your registration directly through PoolMMS

TeamUnify Integration

Import registration from TeamUnify (or any other platform) via Excel

Mixed Mode

We don't lock you in. Use both external and all-in-one modes.